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See how each Quaver lesson meets Colorado’s Academic Music Standards with our interactive CAS Standards Correlation.

Colorado teachers and administrators can use the correlations below to view each grade level of Colorado’s Academic Standards for Music, and easily identify the Quaver Curriculum content that meets each Outcome.

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Standard 1. Expression of Music


Respond to musical opposites.

KLP01-02, KLP01-03, KLP01-04, KLP01-05, KLP01-06, KLP01-07, KLP01-09, KLP01-11, KLP01-13, KLP02-02, KLP02-07, KLP02-08, KLP02-09, KLP03-02, KLP03-04, KLP03-06, KLP03-09, KLP03-11, KLP04-02, KLP04-09, KLP05-03, KLP05-05, KLP05-06, KLP06-04, KLP06-08, KLP06-11, KLP07-02, KLP07-03, KLP07-06, KLP07-09, KLP07-10, KLP08-02, KLP08-04, KLP09-02, KLP09-04, KLP09-06, KLP09-10, KLP10-02, KLP10-04, KLP10-06, KLP10-11, KLP11-04, KLP11-05, KLP11-07, KLP12-02, KLP12-03, KLP12-09, KLP13-02, KLP13-03, KLP13-04, KLP13-05, KLP13-07, KLP13-09, KLP13-10, KLP13-11, KLP14-04, KLP14-05, KLP14-07, KLP14-08, KLP14-09, KLP14-10, KLP15-03, KLP15-07, KLP16-03, KLP16-04, KLP16-05, KLP16-08, KLP16-10, KLP16-11, KLP16-12, KLP17-05, KLP17-07, KLP17-11, KLP18-04, KLP18-05, KLP20-05, KLP21-02, KLP21-04, KLP21-11, KLP22-02, KLP22-04, KLP22-05, KLP22-09, KLP22-10, KLP23-02, KLP23-03, KLP23-04, KLP23-06, KLP23-09, KLP24-02, KLP24-04, KLP24-09, KLP25-02, KLP25-06, KLP25-09, KLP25-12, KLP27-06, KLP27-11, KLP27-12, KLP28-06, KLP28-08, KLP28-13, KLP29-03, KLP29-07, KLP29-08, KLP30-03, KLP30-04, KLP30-09, KLP31-02, KLP31-03, KLP31-04, KLP31-05, KLP31-11, KLP33-10, KLP33-11, KLP34-02, KLP34-07, KLP34-13, KLP34-21, KLP35-18, KLP36-17, KSL01-03, KSL01-06, KSL01-09, KSL02-03, KSL02-04, KSL02-05, KSL02-06, KSL02-07, KSL03-03, KSL03-04, KSL03-08, KSL04-03, KSL04-04, KSL04-05, KSL05-03, KSL05-04, KSL05-05, KSL05-07, KSL06-02, KSL06-05, KSL06-06, KSL06-07, KSL07-03, KSL07-06


Perform introductory songs with accurate pitch, rhythm, expressive elements.

KLP01-10, KLP02-06, KLP02-11, KLP02-16, KLP03-03, KLP03-05, KLP04-02, KLP04-03, KLP04-05, KLP04-06, KLP04-07, KLP04-10, KLP04-11, KLP05-02, KLP05-04, KLP05-06, KLP05-07, KLP05-11, KLP06-02, KLP06-09, KLP07-05, KLP07-08, KLP08-09, KLP09-12, KLP11-03, KLP11-05, KLP11-10, KLP12-04, KLP12-05, KLP12-10, KLP12-11, KLP14-08, KLP14-10, KLP15-02, KLP15-09, KLP16-02, KLP16-06, KLP16-08, KLP17-02, KLP18-02, KLP18-03, KLP18-08, KLP18-09, KLP18-10, KLP18-11, KLP18-12, KLP19-04, KLP19-09, KLP20-04, KLP20-08, KLP21-06, KLP21-11, KLP22-08, KLP23-06, KLP23-10, KLP23-11, KLP23-13, KLP24-03, KLP24-04, KLP24-05, KLP25-04, KLP25-07, KLP26-02, KLP26-04, KLP26-05, KLP26-06, KLP26-11, KLP26-13, KLP27-02, KLP27-04, KLP28-02, KLP28-12, KLP29-02, KLP29-05, KLP30-02, KLP30-05, KLP30-10, KLP31-04, KLP31-06, KLP31-12, KLP32-05, KLP32-08, KLP32-09, KLP32-11, KLP33-04, KLP33-06, KLP33-07, KLP33-12, KLP34-03, KLP34-04, KLP34-05, KLP34-09, KLP34-11, KLP34-15, KLP34-19, KLP34-23, KLP34-24, KLP35-02, KLP35-04, KLP35-05, KLP35-06, KLP35-07, KLP35-08, KLP35-09, KLP35-10, KLP35-11, KLP35-12, KLP35-13, KLP35-14, KLP35-15, KLP35-16, KLP35-17, KLP36-03, KLP36-04, KLP36-05, KLP36-06, KLP36-07, KLP36-08, KLP36-09, KLP36-10, KLP36-11, KLP36-12, KLP36-13, KLP36-14, KLP36-15, KLP36-16, KSL01-03, KSL01-04, KSL01-05, KSL01-06, KSL01-07, KSL01-08, KSL01-09, KSL01-10, KSL02-02, KSL02-03, KSL02-04, KSL02-05, KSL02-06, KSL02-08, KSL02-09, KSL03-02, KSL03-03, KSL03-04, KSL03-05, KSL03-06, KSL03-07, KSL03-09, KSL04-02, KSL04-03, KSL04-05, KSL04-06, KSL04-07, KSL04-08, KSL05-02, KSL05-04, KSL05-06, KSL06-03, KSL06-04, KSL07-02, KSL07-09


Apply teacher critique and self-reflection to refine individual technique and performance of introductory songs.

KLP04-10, KLP06-05, KLP08-09, KLP09-10, KLP12-04, KLP15-09, KLP17-05, KLP24-05, KLP26-11, KLP27-02, KLP29-08, KLP30-03, KSL02-07, KSL03-06, KSL05-02, KSL05-05, KSL05-06, KSL06-03, KSL07-09

Standard 3. Theory of Music


Identify and demonstrate melodic and rhythmic opposites.

KLP01-14, KLP02-03, KLP02-04, KLP02-05, KLP02-07, KLP03-03, KLP03-04, KLP03-05, KLP03-06, KLP03-08, KLP03-10, KLP03-11, KLP04-03, KLP07-03, KLP07-04, KLP08-03, KLP08-06, KLP08-07, KLP08-10, KLP08-11, KLP09-08, KLP09-09, KLP09-11, KLP10-02, KLP10-03, KLP10-04, KLP10-08, KLP10-09, KLP10-10, KLP11-04, KLP11-07, KLP11-08, KLP12-02, KLP12-03, KLP12-07, KLP13-03, KLP13-08, KLP13-11, KLP14-03, KLP14-04, KLP14-07, KLP14-09, KLP15-06, KLP15-07, KLP15-08, KLP16-03, KLP16-04, KLP17-03, KLP18-07, KLP28-02, KLP28-03, KLP28-04, KLP28-05, KLP29-05, KLP30-04, KLP30-08, KLP34-06, KLP34-07, KLP34-08, KLP34-10, KLP34-11, KLP34-12, KLP34-20, KLP35-03, KSL01-04, KSL01-05, KSL01-06, KSL01-09, KSL01-10, KSL02-04, KSL02-05, KSL02-06, KSL02-08, KSL02-09, KSL03-03, KSL03-04, KSL03-05, KSL03-07, KSL03-08, KSL03-09, KSL04-02, KSL04-03, KSL04-04, KSL04-05, KSL04-06, KSL04-07, KSL04-08, KSL05-03, KSL05-05, KSL07-03, KSL07-05, KSL07-07


Identify and demonstrate tempo and dynamic opposites.

KLP03-04, KLP03-09, KLP07-02, KLP07-03, KLP22-02, KLP22-03, KLP22-04, KLP22-05, KLP22-07, KLP22-08, KLP22-10, KLP22-11, KLP23-03, KLP23-08, KLP23-09, KLP23-10, KLP23-11, KLP23-12, KLP24-03, KLP24-04, KLP24-05, KLP24-07, KLP24-08, KLP24-09, KLP24-10, KLP24-11, KLP25-02, KLP25-03, KLP25-05, KLP25-06, KLP25-07, KLP25-09, KLP25-10, KLP25-11, KLP26-03, KLP26-04, KLP26-05, KLP26-08, KLP26-10, KLP26-11, KLP27-03, KLP27-04, KLP27-05, KLP27-07, KLP27-09, KLP27-10, KLP27-12, KLP30-09, KLP34-16, KLP34-17, KLP34-18, KLP34-19, KLP35-03, KSL05-07, KSL07-02, KSL07-03, KSL07-05, KSL07-06, KSL07-07


Identify and demonstrate basic form and timbre elements.

KLP01-06, KLP02-06, KLP04-03, KLP04-04, KLP04-07, KLP04-09, KLP05-04, KLP05-06, KLP05-09, KLP05-12, KLP05-13, KLP06-03, KLP06-07, KLP06-10, KLP07-05, KLP07-06, KLP10-04, KLP10-05, KLP11-02, KLP12-08, KLP14-03, KLP15-03, KLP19-02, KLP19-03, KLP19-05, KLP19-06, KLP19-07, KLP19-08, KLP19-11, KLP19-12, KLP19-13, KLP19-14, KLP19-15, KLP19-17, KLP20-02, KLP20-03, KLP20-04, KLP20-05, KLP20-07, KLP21-03, KLP21-04, KLP21-05, KLP21-08, KLP21-09, KLP21-10, KLP26-07, KLP26-12, KLP28-10, KLP29-03, KLP29-07, KLP30-03, KLP31-08, KLP31-13, KLP32-02, KLP32-03, KLP32-04, KLP32-05, KLP32-06, KLP32-08, KLP32-09, KLP32-10, KLP32-11, KLP33-02, KLP33-03, KLP33-04, KLP33-05, KLP33-06, KLP33-07, KLP33-09, KLP33-13, KLP34-05, KLP34-14, KLP34-15, KLP34-22, KLP35-03, KLP35-18, KLP36-16, KSL02-03, KSL03-05, KSL04-07, KSL05-04, KSL06-04, KSL07-04

Standard 1. Expression of Music


Perform music that demonstrates learned rhythmic and melodic patterns.

1LP01-02, 1LP01-03, 1LP01-04, 1LP01-06, 1LP01-07, 1LP01-09, 1LP01-10, 1LP01-11, 1LP02-02, 1LP02-03, 1LP02-11, 1LP02-12, 1LP02-14, 1LP03-02, 1LP03-05, 1LP03-09, 1LP03-10, 1LP04-02, 1LP04-04, 1LP04-06, 1LP04-10, 1LP04-14, 1LP05-02, 1LP05-04, 1LP05-05, 1LP06-05, 1LP06-09, 1LP06-10, 1LP06-11, 1LP07-02, 1LP07-03, 1LP07-04, 1LP07-05, 1LP07-08, 1LP08-02, 1LP08-02, 1LP08-03, 1LP08-04, 1LP08-07, 1LP09-02, 1LP09-03, 1LP09-04, 1LP09-05, 1LP09-07, 1LP09-08, 1LP09-09, 1LP09-10, 1LP10-03, 1LP10-04, 1LP10-10, 1LP10-11, 1LP11-07, 1LP11-10, 1LP12-06, 1LP12-12, 1LP13-02, 1LP13-04, 1LP13-05, 1LP13-06, 1LP13-07, 1LP13-11, 1LP14-02, 1LP14-04, 1LP14-05, 1LP14-07, 1LP14-09, 1LP14-10, 1LP14-11, 1LP14-12, 1LP14-13, 1LP15-03, 1LP15-04, 1LP15-05, 1LP15-06, 1LP15-07, 1LP15-10, 1LP15-11, 1LP15-12, 1LP16-02, 1LP16-03, 1LP16-04, 1LP16-07, 1LP16-08, 1LP16-09, 1LP17-03, 1LP17-05, 1LP17-06, 1LP17-07, 1LP17-15, 1LP18-12, 1LP19-07, 1LP20-03, 1LP20-04, 1LP20-05, 1LP21-02, 1LP21-04, 1LP21-05, 1LP22-02, 1LP22-03, 1LP22-09, 1LP23-06, 1LP23-07, 1LP23-08, 1LP24-02, 1LP24-03, 1LP24-05, 1LP25-02, 1LP25-11, 1LP26-05, 1LP26-10, 1LP27-02, 1LP27-04, 1LP29-06, 1LP29-08, 1LP30-05, 1LP30-08, 1LP31-02, 1LP31-04, 1LP31-08, 1LP31-10, 1LP31-14, 1LP31-15, 1LP32-04, 1LP32-06, 1LP33-05, 1LP33-07, 1LP33-10, 1LP33-11, 1LP33-12, 1LP34-03, 1LP34-07, 1LP34-11, 1LP34-15, 1LP34-17, 1LP35-05, 1LP35-06, 1LP35-09, 1LP35-11, 1LP35-12, 1LP35-13, 1LP35-14, 1LP35-15, 1LP35-16, 1LP36-04, 1LP36-05, 1LP36-08, 1LP36-10, 1LP36-11, 1LP36-12, 1LP36-13, 1LP36-14, 1LP36-15, 1SL01-05, 1SL01-06, 1SL01-07, 1SL02-02, 1SL02-04, 1SL02-07, 1SL02-08, 1SL02-10, 1SL02-11, 1SL02-12, 1SL03-03, 1SL03-04, 1SL03-05, 1SL03-06, 1SL03-07, 1SL03-08, 1SL03-09, 1SL03-10, 1SL04-02, 1SL04-06, 1SL04-07, 1SL04-08, 1SL05-02, 1SL05-04, 1SL05-05, 1SL05-07, 1SL05-08, 1SL05-10, 1SL06-02, 1SL06-05, 1SL06-06, 1SL06-07, 1SL06-08, 1SL06-09, 1SL07-05, 1SL07-07, 1SL07-08, 1SL08-04, 1SL08-05, 1SL08-07, 1SL08-08, 1SL09-04, 1SL09-05, 1SL10-02, 1SL10-03, 1SL10-04, 1SL10-05,


Perform basic songs with accurate pitch, rhythm, tone and expressive elements.

1LP01-02, 1LP01-03, 1LP01-07, 1LP01-09, 1LP01-13, 1LP02-10, 1LP02-11, 1LP02-12, 1LP02-14, 1LP03-02, 1LP03-09, 1LP04-02, 1LP04-03, 1LP04-07, 1LP04-08, 1LP05-02, 1LP05-03, 1LP05-05, 1LP05-06, 1LP05-07, 1LP05-11, 1LP06-02, 1LP06-03, 1LP06-04, 1LP06-05, 1LP07-02, 1LP07-04, 1LP07-05, 1LP07-09, 1LP07-12, 1LP08-03, 1LP08-04, 1LP08-08, 1LP09-03, 1LP09-04, 1LP09-05, 1LP10-02, 1LP10-04, 1LP10-11, 1LP11-02, 1LP11-06, 1LP11-09, 1LP12-06, 1LP12-09, 1LP12-10, 1LP12-11, 1LP12-12, 1LP13-02, 1LP13-04, 1LP13-05, 1LP14-02, 1LP14-07, 1LP15-03, 1LP15-05, 1LP15-07, 1LP15-11, 1LP15-13, 1LP16-05, 1LP16-08, 1LP16-09, 1LP17-15, 1LP19-03, 1LP19-05, 1LP19-06, 1LP20-04, 1LP21-05, 1LP21-10, 1LP22-02, 1LP22-03, 1LP22-04, 1LP22-12, 1LP23-02, 1LP23-04, 1LP23-07, 1LP23-08, 1LP23-11, 1LP24-05, 1LP24-07, 1LP24-11, 1LP25-02, 1LP25-03, 1LP25-05, 1LP25-09, 1LP25-10, 1LP25-11, 1LP26-04, 1LP26-08, 1LP26-09, 1LP27-02, 1LP27-03, 1LP27-04, 1LP27-08, 1LP27-09, 1LP28-02, 1LP28-09, 1LP28-12, 1LP28-14, 1LP29-07, 1LP29-09, 1LP30-03, 1LP30-08, 1LP31-04, 1LP31-10, 1LP31-14, 1LP32-06, 1LP33-11, 1LP33-12, 1LP34-03, 1LP34-07, 1LP34-09, 1LP34-13, 1LP34-21, 1LP34-23, 1LP35-02, 1LP35-05, 1LP35-06, 1LP35-07, 1LP35-08, 1LP35-09, 1LP35-10, 1LP35-11, 1LP35-12, 1LP35-16, 1LP35-17, 1LP36-04, 1LP36-05, 1LP36-06, 1LP36-07, 1LP36-08, 1LP36-09, 1LP36-10, 1LP36-11, 1LP36-13, 1LP36-14, 1LP36-15, 1LP36-16, 1SL01-03, 1SL01-04, 1SL02-03, 1SL02-05, 1SL02-06, 1SL02-07, 1SL02-10, 1SL02-11, 1SL02-12, 1SL03-02, 1SL03-03, 1SL03-04, 1SL03-05, 1SL03-06, 1SL03-07, 1SL03-08, 1SL03-09, 1SL03-10, 1SL04-02, 1SL04-03, 1SL04-04, 1SL04-06, 1SL04-08, 1SL05-02, 1SL05-03, 1SL05-04, 1SL05-05, 1SL05-08, 1SL05-10, 1SL06-02, 1SL06-03, 1SL06-05, 1SL06-10, 1SL07-04, 1SL07-06, 1SL07-07, 1SL08-03, 1SL08-04, 1SL08-06, 1SL09-04, 1SL09-06, 1SL10-02, 1SL10-03, 1SL10-04, 1SL10-05, 1SL10-08, 1SL10-09, 1SL11-02, 1SL11-05, 1SL11-08, 1SL11-09


Apply teacher and peer critique and self-reflection to refine individual technique and performance of basic songs.

1LP03-10, 1LP08-05, 1LP10-12, 1LP11-05, 1LP12-03, 1LP12-04, 1LP12-05, 1LP12-10, 1LP13-07, 1LP14-06, 1LP14-13, 1LP16-10, 1LP18-11, 1LP18-12, 1LP24-03, 1LP24-12, 1LP25-05, 1LP26-09, 1LP27-08, 1LP30-02, 1LP30-10, 1LP35-04, 1LP36-03, 1SL04-07, 1SL07-02, 1SL07-05, 1SL07-07, 1SL08-02, 1SL08-07, 1SL09-06, 1SL11-07

Standard 3. Theory of Music


Identify and demonstrate introductory melodic and rhythmic patterns.

1LP01-02, 1LP01-03, 1LP01-04, 1LP01-06, 1LP01-07, 1LP01-09, 1LP01-11, 1LP01-12, 1LP02-02, 1LP02-03, 1LP02-04, 1LP02-05, 1LP02-06, 1LP02-07, 1LP02-08, 1LP02-13, 1LP02-14, 1LP03-03, 1LP03-04, 1LP03-05, 1LP03-06, 1LP03-08, 1LP03-10, 1LP03-11, 1LP04-03, 1LP04-04, 1LP04-05, 1LP04-06, 1LP04-07, 1LP04-08, 1LP04-11, 1LP04-12, 1LP04-13, 1LP05-04, 1LP05-07, 1LP05-10, 1LP05-11, 1LP06-08, 1LP07-03, 1LP07-04, 1LP07-05, 1LP07-06, 1LP07-08, 1LP07-11, 1LP08-03, 1LP08-07, 1LP09-07, 1LP09-08, 1LP10-03, 1LP10-07, 1LP10-08, 1LP10-09, 1LP11-07, 1LP11-10, 1LP11-11, 1LP11-12, 1LP11-13, 1LP11-14, 1LP13-03, 1LP13-04, 1LP13-05, 1LP13-06, 1LP13-07, 1LP13-09, 1LP13-10, 1LP14-03, 1LP14-04, 1LP14-05, 1LP14-09, 1LP14-09, 1LP14-10, 1LP14-11, 1LP14-12, 1LP15-03, 1LP15-04, 1LP15-05, 1LP15-06, 1LP15-09, 1LP15-11, 1LP15-12, 1LP16-02, 1LP16-03, 1LP16-04, 1LP16-05, 1LP17-03, 1LP17-04, 1LP17-05, 1LP17-06, 1LP17-07, 1LP17-08, 1LP17-10, 1LP17-11, 1LP17-12, 1LP17-13, 1LP17-14, 1LP18-08, 1LP18-11, 1LP19-02, 1LP19-03, 1LP19-04, 1LP19-06, 1LP19-10, 1LP19-11, 1LP19-12, 1LP20-03, 1LP20-04, 1LP20-08, 1LP20-10, 1LP20-11, 1LP21-02, 1LP21-03, 1LP21-04, 1LP21-05, 1LP21-07, 1LP21-08, 1LP22-09, 1LP22-10, 1LP23-06, 1LP23-07, 1LP23-08, 1LP24-02, 1LP24-03, 1LP27-04, 1LP30-05, 1LP30-08, 1LP31-09, 1LP33-04, 1LP33-07, 1LP34-02, 1LP34-08, 1LP34-10, 1LP34-11, 1LP34-12, 1LP34-14, 1LP35-03, 1LP35-15, 1LP36-14, 1SL01-04, 1SL01-05, 1SL01-06, 1SL01-07, 1SL01-08, 1SL02-03, 1SL02-04, 1SL02-05, 1SL02-06, 1SL02-07, 1SL02-08, 1SL02-09, 1SL02-10, 1SL02-11, 1SL02-12, 1SL03-06, 1SL03-07, 1SL03-08, 1SL03-09, 1SL03-10, 1SL04-03, 1SL04-04, 1SL04-05, 1SL04-06, 1SL04-08, 1SL05-07, 1SL05-08, 1SL05-10, 1SL06-03, 1SL06-05, 1SL06-06, 1SL06-07, 1SL06-08, 1SL06-09, 1SL06-10, 1SL07-02, 1SL07-06, 1SL08-02, 1SL08-06, 1SL09-03, 1SL10-04, 1SL10-05, 1SL10-06, 1SL10-07, 1SL10-08, 1SL10-09, 1SL11-03, 1SL11-04, 1SL11-05, 1SL11-06, 1SL11-07, 1SL11-08, 1SL11-09


Identify and demonstrate changes in tempos and dynamics.

1LP01-06, 1LP01-12, 1LP02-04, 1LP02-06, 1LP02-08, 1LP09-08, 1LP10-05, 1LP14-07, 1LP22-04, 1LP22-06, 1LP22-08, 1LP22-10, 1LP22-11, 1LP22-12, 1LP23-03, 1LP23-04, 1LP23-05, 1LP23-06, 1LP23-10, 1LP23-11, 1LP23-12, 1LP24-04, 1LP24-06, 1LP24-07, 1LP24-09, 1LP24-10, 1LP24-11, 1LP25-03, 1LP25-04, 1LP25-06, 1LP25-08, 1LP25-09, 1LP25-12, 1LP26-02, 1LP26-03, 1LP26-04, 1LP26-05, 1LP26-08, 1LP26-09, 1LP26-10, 1LP27-02, 1LP27-03, 1LP27-06, 1LP27-07, 1LP27-08, 1LP27-09, 1LP28-02, 1LP28-11, 1LP28-12, 1LP34-16, 1LP34-17, 1LP34-18, 1LP34-19, 1LP35-03, 1SL07-05, 1SL07-06, 1SL07-08, 1SL08-05, 1SL08-06, 1SL08-08, 1SL09-05


Identify and demonstrate basic form, meter, and timbre elements.

1LP01-05, 1LP01-10, 1LP01-11, 1LP01-12, 1LP02-03, 1LP02-04, 1LP02-06, 1LP02-07, 1LP02-08, 1LP02-10, 1LP03-03, 1LP03-04, 1LP03-05, 1LP03-06, 1LP03-08, 1LP03-11, 1LP04-02, 1LP04-03, 1LP04-04, 1LP04-05, 1LP04-06, 1LP04-07, 1LP04-08, 1LP04-10, 1LP04-11, 1LP04-12, 1LP04-13, 1LP04-14, 1LP05-02, 1LP05-03, 1LP05-04, 1LP05-05, 1LP05-06, 1LP05-09, 1LP05-10, 1LP05-11, 1LP06-02, 1LP06-03, 1LP06-04, 1LP06-05, 1LP06-07, 1LP06-08, 1LP06-09, 1LP06-10, 1LP06-11, 1LP07-03, 1LP07-06, 1LP07-11, 1LP08-02, 1LP09-07, 1LP10-10, 1LP11-06, 1LP15-12, 1LP15-13, 1LP19-04, 1LP19-07, 1LP22-09, 1LP22-10, 1LP25-11, 1LP28-03, 1LP28-04, 1LP28-06, 1LP28-07, 1LP28-09, 1LP28-10, 1LP28-11, 1LP28-12, 1LP28-13, 1LP28-14, 1LP29-02, 1LP29-03, 1LP29-04, 1LP29-06, 1LP29-07, 1LP30-04, 1LP30-07, 1LP30-09, 1LP30-11, 1LP31-02, 1LP31-03, 1LP31-05, 1LP31-06, 1LP31-07, 1LP31-08, 1LP31-09, 1LP31-10, 1LP31-12, 1LP31-13, 1LP31-14, 1LP31-15, 1LP31-16, 1LP32-02, 1LP32-03, 1LP32-04, 1LP32-05, 1LP32-08, 1LP33-02, 1LP33-03, 1LP33-05, 1LP33-06, 1LP33-07, 1LP33-09, 1LP33-12, 1LP33-13, 1LP33-14, 1LP34-04, 1LP34-05, 1LP34-06, 1LP34-20, 1LP34-21, 1LP34-22, 1LP34-23, 1LP35-03, 1LP35-06, 1LP35-13, 1LP36-05, 1LP36-12, 1SL01-07, 1SL01-08, 1SL02-02, 1SL03-05, 1SL04-02, 1SL04-03, 1SL04-04, 1SL05-02, 1SL05-04, 1SL05-05, 1SL05-06, 1SL05-07, 1SL06-03, 1SL06-08, 1SL08-04, 1SL08-05, 1SL09-03, 1SL11-09

Standard 4. Aesthetic Valuation of Music


Describe and/or demonstrate how ideas or moods are communicated through music.

1LP01-04, 1LP01-10, 1LP02-10, 1LP04-14, 1LP05-09, 1LP10-05, 1LP10-09, 1LP10-10, 1LP10-12, 1LP11-02, 1LP11-03, 1LP12-02, 1LP12-03, 1LP12-04, 1LP13-03, 1LP16-07, 1LP16-10, 1LP17-04, 1LP17-15, 1LP17-17, 1LP18-03, 1LP18-05, 1LP18-06, 1LP18-09, 1LP18-10, 1LP19-08, 1LP19-13, 1LP20-06, 1LP22-05, 1LP22-11, 1LP24-06, 1LP24-10, 1LP24-12, 1LP25-12, 1LP26-03, 1LP26-05, 1LP26-07, 1LP27-03, 1LP27-07, 1LP28-05, 1LP29-03, 1LP29-08, 1LP30-09, 1LP32-04, 1LP32-09, 1LP34-24, 1LP35-04, 1LP35-18, 1LP36-17, 1SL01-02, 1SL07-04, 1SL08-03, 1SL08-07, 1SL09-04


Identify, discuss, and respond to music created for specific purposes.

1LP01-13, 1LP02-02, 1LP03-04, 1LP03-09, 1LP05-03, 1LP05-09, 1LP07-09, 1LP07-12, 1LP08-08, 1LP09-09, 1LP09-10, 1LP10-12, 1LP11-06, 1LP11-11, 1LP11-12, 1LP11-13, 1LP11-14, 1LP12-02, 1LP12-03, 1LP12-04, 1LP12-06, 1LP12-10, 1LP13-03, 1LP13-09, 1LP13-10, 1LP13-11, 1LP13-12, 1LP14-02, 1LP14-13, 1LP16-04, 1LP16-07, 1LP16-10, 1LP17-16, 1LP17-17, 1LP18-03, 1LP18-04, 1LP18-05, 1LP18-06, 1LP18-08, 1LP18-09, 1LP18-10, 1LP18-12, 1LP19-02, 1LP19-13, 1LP20-06, 1LP20-08, 1LP22-05, 1LP22-11, 1LP22-12, 1LP24-10, 1LP24-12, 1LP25-12, 1LP26-03, 1LP26-07, 1LP28-05, 1LP28-14, 1LP29-03, 1LP29-06, 1LP30-09, 1LP31-02, 1LP31-08, 1LP31-16, 1LP32-06, 1LP32-07, 1LP32-09, 1LP33-05, 1LP33-06, 1LP33-10, 1LP34-24, 1LP35-07, 1LP35-08, 1LP35-11, 1LP35-12, 1LP35-13, 1LP35-14, 1LP35-17, 1LP35-18, 1LP36-06, 1LP36-07, 1LP36-10, 1LP36-11, 1LP36-12, 1LP36-13, 1LP36-16, 1LP36-17, 1SL02-02, 1SL07-04, 1SL08-03

Standard 1. Expression of Music


Perform music that demonstrates learned rhythmic, melodic, and harmonic patterns.

2LP01-02, 2LP01-03, 2LP01-05, 2LP01-06, 2LP01-08, 2LP01-09, 2LP02-02, 2LP02-08, 2LP02-09, 2LP02-11, 2LP02-12, 2LP02-13, 2LP03-02, 2LP03-05, 2LP03-06, 2LP03-07, 2LP03-10, 2LP03-11, 2LP03-13, 2LP04-02, 2LP04-05, 2LP04-06, 2LP04-08, 2LP04-10, 2LP04-11, 2LP04-12, 2LP04-14, 2LP05-02, 2LP05-03, 2LP05-04, 2LP05-05, 2LP05-06, 2LP05-07, 2LP05-10, 2LP06-02, 2LP06-03, 2LP06-04, 2LP06-07, 2LP06-09, 2LP07-02, 2LP07-03, 2LP07-07, 2LP07-08, 2LP08-02, 2LP08-03, 2LP08-05, 2LP08-06, 2LP08-07, 2LP08-09, 2LP09-02, 2LP09-04, 2LP09-05, 2LP09-08, 2LP09-09, 2LP10-04, 2LP10-05, 2LP10-06, 2LP10-07, 2LP10-09, 2LP10-11, 2LP10-12, 2LP10-14, 2LP11-07, 2LP11-08, 2LP11-10, 2LP11-11, 2LP11-12, 2LP11-13, 2LP12-03, 2LP12-04, 2LP12-05, 2LP12-06, 2LP12-07, 2LP12-08, 2LP12-11, 2LP12-12, 2LP12-13, 2LP12-14, 2LP13-06, 2LP13-09, 2LP13-13, 2LP14-04, 2LP14-05, 2LP14-06, 2LP14-09, 2LP14-10, 2LP14-11, 2LP15-04, 2LP15-05, 2LP15-08, 2LP15-09, 2LP15-10, 2LP15-11, 2LP16-02, 2LP16-09, 2LP17-02, 2LP17-04, 2LP17-05, 2LP18-02, 2LP19-05, 2LP19-06, 2LP19-10, 2LP19-11, 2LP20-03, 2LP20-04, 2LP20-05, 2LP20-08, 2LP21-02, 2LP21-04, 2LP21-05, 2LP21-09, 2LP22-02, 2LP22-04, 2LP22-07, 2LP22-09, 2LP22-11, 2LP23-03, 2LP23-05, 2LP23-06, 2LP23-10, 2LP24-03, 2LP24-04, 2LP24-07, 2LP24-09, 2LP27-07, 2LP27-10, 2LP27-13, 2LP28-04, 2LP28-05, 2LP28-09, 2LP29-02, 2LP29-10, 2LP30-02, 2LP31-04, 2LP31-10, 2LP32-09, 2LP33-02, 2LP34-03, 2LP34-07, 2LP35-05, 2LP35-06, 2LP35-09, 2LP35-14, 2LP36-04, 2LP36-05, 2LP36-08, 2LP36-10, 2SL01-02, 2SL01-03, 2SL01-04, 2SL01-05, 2SL01-06, 2SL01-09, 2SL02-02, 2SL02-03, 2SL02-06, 2SL02-08, 2SL03-03, 2SL03-04, 2SL03-05, 2SL03-06, 2SL03-07, 2SL04-03, 2SL04-04, 2SL04-05, 2SL04-06, 2SL04-07, 2SL05-02, 2SL05-05, 2SL05-06, 2SL05-07, 2SL06-07


Perform simple songs with accurate pitch, rhythm, harmony, tone and expressive elements.

2LP01-03, 2LP01-05, 2LP01-06, 2LP01-08, 2LP01-09, 2LP02-02, 2LP02-09, 2LP03-02, 2LP03-05, 2LP05-04, 2LP05-09, 2LP06-04, 2LP07-06, 2LP08-05, 2LP08-09, 2LP10-04, 2LP10-05, 2LP10-06, 2LP10-10, 2LP10-12, 2LP10-14, 2LP10-15, 2LP11-02, 2LP11-07, 2LP11-08, 2LP11-10, 2LP11-11, 2LP12-04, 2LP12-06, 2LP12-07, 2LP12-08, 2LP12-11, 2LP12-13, 2LP12-14, 2LP13-04, 2LP13-06, 2LP13-07, 2LP13-09, 2LP13-14, 2LP14-04, 2LP14-05, 2LP14-09, 2LP14-10, 2LP14-11, 2LP16-04, 2LP17-04, 2LP17-05, 2LP18-02, 2LP18-06, 2LP19-03, 2LP20-05, 2LP22-04, 2LP22-07, 2LP23-02, 2LP23-06, 2LP24-02, 2LP24-04, 2LP24-07, 2LP25-06, 2LP26-08, 2LP27-05, 2LP27-07, 2LP27-11, 2LP27-13, 2LP28-02, 2LP29-02, 2LP29-05, 2LP29-08, 2LP29-09, 2LP30-02, 2LP30-03, 2LP30-09, 2LP31-02, 2LP31-04, 2LP31-09, 2LP32-02, 2LP32-03, 2LP32-08, 2LP32-09, 2LP33-02, 2LP33-05, 2LP34-03, 2LP34-07, 2LP34-09, 2LP34-13, 2LP34-21, 2LP34-23, 2LP35-02, 2LP35-05, 2LP35-06, 2LP35-07, 2LP35-08, 2LP35-09, 2LP35-10, 2LP35-11, 2LP35-12, 2LP35-13, 2LP35-14, 2LP35-15, 2LP35-16, 2LP35-17, 2LP36-04, 2LP36-05, 2LP36-06, 2LP36-07, 2LP36-08, 2LP36-09, 2LP36-10, 2LP36-11, 2LP36-12, 2LP36-13, 2LP36-14, 2LP36-15, 2LP36-16, 2SL01-02, 2SL01-03, 2SL01-04, 2SL01-05, 2SL01-06, 2SL01-07, 2SL01-08, 2SL01-09, 2SL02-02, 2SL02-05, 2SL02-08, 2SL03-02, 2SL03-03, 2SL04-02, 2SL04-08, 2SL05-03, 2SL05-04, 2SL05-06, 2SL05-07, 2SL06-02, 2SL06-03, 2SL06-04, 2SL06-05, 2SL06-08


Apply teacher and peer critique and self-reflection to refine individual technique and performance of simple songs.

2LP01-04, 2LP05-07, 2LP05-09, 2LP09-08, 2LP10-02, 2LP10-10, 2LP10-15, 2LP12-04, 2LP12-08, 2LP13-07, 2LP15-10, 2LP21-02, 2LP21-04, 2LP21-11, 2LP24-09, 2LP30-09, 2LP32-03, 2LP32-08, 2LP33-05, 2LP34-23, 2LP35-02, 2LP35-04, 2LP35-05, 2LP35-06, 2LP35-07, 2LP35-08, 2LP35-10, 2LP35-11, 2LP35-12, 2LP35-13, 2LP35-14, 2LP35-15, 2LP35-16, 2LP35-17, 2SL05-02, 2SL06-04, 2SL06-06, 2SL06-07, 2SL06-08

Standard 3. Theory of Music


Identify and demonstrate basic melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic patterns.

2LP02-03, 2LP02-04, 2LP02-05, 2LP02-13, 2LP07-03, 2LP07-04, 2LP07-07, 2LP08-03, 2LP08-09, 2LP08-11, 2LP10-06, 2LP10-10, 2LP10-16, 2LP11-02, 2LP11-03, 2LP11-12, 2LP11-13, 2LP12-03, 2LP12-05, 2LP12-06, 2LP13-02, 2LP13-03, 2LP13-04, 2LP13-06, 2LP13-07, 2LP13-09, 2LP13-11, 2LP13-12, 2LP13-13, 2LP13-14, 2LP14-04, 2LP15-03, 2LP19-04, 2LP19-05, 2LP19-06, 2LP19-08, 2LP19-09, 2LP19-10, 2LP19-11, 2LP20-04, 2LP20-05, 2LP20-07, 2LP21-03, 2LP21-04, 2LP21-05, 2LP21-07, 2LP21-08, 2LP21-09, 2LP23-06, 2LP28-04, 2LP28-05, 2LP28-06, 2LP28-07, 2LP28-09, 2LP28-10, 2LP28-11, 2LP29-03, 2LP29-04, 2LP29-05, 2LP29-08, 2LP29-09, 2LP29-10, 2LP30-08, 2LP34-04, 2LP34-06, 2LP34-08, 2LP34-10, 2LP34-11, 2LP34-14, 2LP34-15, 2LP34-20, 2LP34-21, 2SL01-06, 2SL01-07, 2SL01-08, 2SL01-09, 2SL01-10, 2SL02-03, 2SL02-04, 2SL02-05, 2SL02-06, 2SL02-07, 2SL02-08, 2SL03-04, 2SL03-05, 2SL03-06, 2SL03-07, 2SL03-08, 2SL04-03, 2SL04-04, 2SL04-05, 2SL04-06, 2SL04-07, 2SL04-08, 2SL05-05, 2SL05-06


Identify and demonstrate extreme changes in tempos, dynamics, and articulations.

2LP02-05, 2LP07-02, 2LP17-02, 2LP20-04, 2LP20-08, 2LP20-10, 2LP22-02, 2LP22-03, 2LP22-05, 2LP22-07, 2LP22-08, 2LP22-09, 2LP22-11, 2LP23-02, 2LP23-03, 2LP23-04, 2LP23-05, 2LP23-08, 2LP23-10, 2LP24-02, 2LP24-03, 2LP24-04, 2LP24-06, 2LP24-08, 2LP24-09, 2LP34-16, 2LP34-17, 2SL03-08, 2SL04-08, 2SL05-05


Identify and demonstrate intermediate form, meter, and timbre elements.

2LP01-11, 2LP01-12, 2LP02-02, 2LP02-03, 2LP02-04, 2LP02-06, 2LP02-08, 2LP02-10, 2LP02-13, 2LP03-02, 2LP03-03, 2LP03-04, 2LP03-06, 2LP03-07, 2LP03-09, 2LP03-10, 2LP03-11, 2LP03-12, 2LP04-02, 2LP04-03, 2LP04-04, 2LP04-05, 2LP04-06, 2LP04-08, 2LP04-12, 2LP04-13, 2LP04-14, 2LP05-02, 2LP05-03, 2LP05-04, 2LP05-05, 2LP05-06, 2LP05-07, 2LP05-10, 2LP06-02, 2LP06-03, 2LP06-04, 2LP06-06, 2LP06-07, 2LP06-08, 2LP06-09, 2LP06-10, 2LP07-02, 2LP07-08, 2LP08-02, 2LP11-12, 2LP12-13, 2LP12-14, 2LP13-13, 2LP14-06, 2LP14-11, 2LP16-12, 2LP18-04, 2LP19-11, 2LP20-02, 2LP21-02, 2LP22-11, 2LP25-02, 2LP25-03, 2LP25-05, 2LP25-06, 2LP25-08, 2LP25-09, 2LP25-12, 2LP26-04, 2LP26-05, 2LP26-08, 2LP26-11, 2LP27-02, 2LP27-04, 2LP27-06, 2LP27-09, 2LP28-12, 2LP31-02, 2LP31-03, 2LP31-05, 2LP31-07, 2LP31-09, 2LP31-10, 2LP31-11, 2LP31-12, 2LP32-02, 2LP32-03, 2LP32-04, 2LP32-05, 2LP32-07, 2LP32-08, 2LP33-05, 2LP33-07, 2LP33-08, 2LP33-10, 2LP34-02, 2LP34-03, 2LP34-04, 2LP34-05, 2LP34-19, 2LP34-22, 2LP34-23, 2LP36-04, 2LP36-08, 2SL02-05, 2SL02-07, 2SL05-08, 2SL06-02, 2SL06-05

Standard 1. Expression of Music


Perform phrases demonstrating learned rhythmic, melodic, and chordal accompaniment components.

3LP01-02, 3LP01-06, 3LP01-10, 3LP01-12, 3LP02-02, 3LP02-04, 3LP02-06, 3LP02-10, 3LP02-11, 3LP02-12, 3LP03-02, 3LP03-04, 3LP03-05, 3LP03-11, 3LP04-02, 3LP04-03, 3LP04-05, 3LP04-09, 3LP05-02, 3LP05-03, 3LP05-06, 3LP05-07, 3LP06-11, 3LP06-12, 3LP07-02, 3LP07-10, 3LP08-03, 3LP08-04, 3LP09-04, 3LP09-06, 3LP09-09, 3LP09-11, 3LP11-02, 3LP13-04, 3LP13-06, 3LP13-07, 3LP13-08, 3LP13-10, 3LP14-02, 3LP14-05, 3LP15-02, 3LP15-03, 3LP15-04, 3LP15-05, 3LP16-04, 3LP16-12, 3LP17-04, 3LP17-08, 3LP17-09, 3LP18-02, 3LP18-12, 3LP19-04, 3LP20-03, 3LP20-06, 3LP21-10, 3LP22-12, 3LP22-13, 3LP24-04, 3LP28-09, 3LP29-05, 3LP30-03, 3LP31-06, 3LP31-07, 3LP31-09, 3LP31-14, 3LP31-15, 3LP32-03, 3LP32-06, 3LP32-09, 3LP32-10, 3LP32-12, 3LP33-08, 3LP34-03, 3LP34-11, 3LP34-13, 3LP34-19, 3LP35-02, 3LP35-05, 3SL01-07, 3SL02-04, 3SL02-07, 3SL03-02, 3SL03-03, 3SL03-04, 3SL03-05, 3SL03-06, 3SL03-07, 3SL03-08, 3SL04-02, 3SL04-03, 3SL04-04, 3SL04-06, 3SL04-07, 3SL05-03, 3SL05-06, 3SL05-07, 3SL06-02, 3SL06-04, 3SL06-06, 3SL07-03, 3SL07-04, 3SL08-02, 3SL08-05


Perform notated songs with accurate pitch, rhythm, harmony, tone and expressive elements.

3LP01-06, 3LP02-06, 3LP02-08, 3LP02-09, 3LP02-12, 3LP03-02, 3LP03-04, 3LP03-06, 3LP03-11, 3LP04-02, 3LP04-10, 3LP04-11, 3LP04-13, 3LP05-02, 3LP05-06, 3LP05-07, 3LP05-08, 3LP06-02, 3LP06-03, 3LP06-04, 3LP06-05, 3LP06-09, 3LP06-12, 3LP07-02, 3LP07-10, 3LP08-05, 3LP09-02, 3LP09-06, 3LP09-09, 3LP09-11, 3LP10-09, 3LP10-10, 3LP11-11, 3LP12-02, 3LP12-06, 3LP13-04, 3LP13-06, 3LP14-03, 3LP14-06, 3LP15-02, 3LP15-03, 3LP15-04, 3LP15-05, 3LP15-11, 3LP15-12, 3LP16-04, 3LP17-05, 3LP18-02, 3LP18-03, 3LP18-09, 3LP18-12, 3LP19-04, 3LP19-08, 3LP19-11, 3LP20-03, 3LP20-04, 3LP20-05, 3LP20-07, 3LP20-08, 3LP20-09, 3LP20-11, 3LP20-12, 3LP20-13, 3LP20-14, 3LP21-02, 3LP21-03, 3LP21-04, 3LP21-05, 3LP21-06, 3LP21-09, 3LP21-10, 3LP21-12, 3LP22-02, 3LP22-04, 3LP22-05, 3LP22-06, 3LP22-11, 3LP22-12, 3LP22-13, 3LP23-04, 3LP23-05, 3LP23-06, 3LP23-10, 3LP24-02, 3LP24-03, 3LP24-04, 3LP24-05, 3LP24-06, 3LP24-09, 3LP24-10, 3LP24-11, 3LP25-02, 3LP25-03, 3LP25-04, 3LP25-08, 3LP26-02, 3LP26-04, 3LP26-05, 3LP26-06, 3LP26-10, 3LP27-04, 3LP27-05, 3LP27-09, 3LP27-11, 3LP28-02, 3LP28-09, 3LP28-10, 3LP28-11, 3LP29-02, 3LP29-04, 3LP29-06, 3LP29-07, 3LP29-10, 3LP29-11, 3LP30-02, 3LP30-04, 3LP30-08, 3LP30-09, 3LP30-10, 3LP30-11, 3LP30-12, 3LP30-13, 3LP30-14, 3LP30-15, 3LP30-16, 3LP30-17, 3LP30-18, 3LP30-19, 3LP30-20, 3LP30-21, 3LP30-22, 3LP30-23, 3LP31-02, 3LP31-07, 3LP31-13, 3LP32-02, 3LP32-03, 3LP32-04, 3LP32-06, 3LP32-12, 3LP33-02, 3LP34-03, 3LP34-04, 3LP34-05, 3LP34-11, 3LP34-15, 3LP34-17, 3LP34-21, 3LP34-23, 3LP35-02, 3LP35-04, 3LP35-05, 3LP35-06, 3LP35-07, 3LP35-08, 3LP35-09, 3LP35-10, 3LP35-11, 3LP35-12, 3LP35-13, 3LP35-14, 3LP35-15, 3LP35-16, 3LP35-17, 3LP36-03, 3LP36-04, 3LP36-05, 3LP36-06, 3LP36-07, 3LP36-08, 3LP36-09, 3LP36-10, 3LP36-11, 3LP36-12, 3LP36-13, 3LP36-14, 3LP36-15, 3LP36-16, 3LP36-17, 3SL01-02, 3SL01-05, 3SL02-02, 3SL02-03, 3SL02-08, 3SL03-03, 3SL03-05, 3SL04-08, 3SL04-09, 3SL05-03, 3SL05-04, 3SL05-08, 3SL06-02, 3SL06-03, 3SL06-05, 3SL07-05, 3SL07-07, 3SL08-02, 3SL08-06, 3SL09-03


Apply teacher and peer critique and self-reflection to refine individual technique and performance of simple notated songs.

3LP07-11, 3LP12-06, 3LP14-02, 3LP17-05, 3LP20-11, 3LP20-12, 3LP24-06, 3LP24-09, 3LP26-10, 3LP26-11, 3LP29-05, 3LP30-08, 3LP30-09, 3LP30-10, 3LP30-11, 3LP30-12, 3LP30-13, 3LP30-14, 3LP30-15, 3LP30-16, 3LP30-17, 3LP30-18, 3LP30-19, 3LP30-20, 3LP30-21, 3LP30-22, 3LP30-23, 3LP33-08, 3LP35-04, 3LP35-05, 3LP35-06, 3LP35-07, 3LP35-08, 3LP35-09, 3LP35-10, 3LP35-11, 3LP35-12, 3LP35-13, 3LP35-14, 3LP35-15, 3LP35-16, 3LP35-17, 3LP35-18, 3LP36-03, 3SL01-05, 3SL03-02, 3SL03-08, 3SL04-02, 3SL04-07, 3SL04-08, 3SL05-05, 3SL05-06, 3SL05-07, 3SL05-08, 3SL06-05, 3SL07-06, 3SL07-07, 3SL08-09

Standard 3. Theory of Music


Identify and demonstrate notated melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic patterns within the treble staff.

3LP01-11, 3LP02-10, 3LP05-03, 3LP05-04, 3LP05-08, 3LP07-03, 3LP07-04, 3LP07-05, 3LP07-06, 3LP07-08, 3LP07-09, 3LP07-10, 3LP07-11, 3LP08-03, 3LP08-05, 3LP08-08, 3LP08-09, 3LP08-10, 3LP09-04, 3LP09-08, 3LP13-02, 3LP13-04, 3LP13-06, 3LP13-07, 3LP13-08, 3LP13-09, 3LP14-04, 3LP14-06, 3LP14-08, 3LP14-10, 3LP15-02, 3LP15-03, 3LP15-04, 3LP15-05, 3LP15-06, 3LP15-07, 3LP15-09, 3LP15-10, 3LP16-13, 3LP17-03, 3LP18-03, 3LP18-09, 3LP19-08, 3LP20-03, 3LP20-05, 3LP20-06, 3LP20-07, 3LP20-08, 3LP20-09, 3LP20-11, 3LP20-12, 3LP20-13, 3LP21-02, 3LP21-03, 3LP21-04, 3LP21-05, 3LP21-06, 3LP21-08, 3LP21-09, 3LP21-11, 3LP22-02, 3LP22-04, 3LP22-05, 3LP22-07, 3LP22-11, 3LP22-12, 3LP22-13, 3LP23-04, 3LP23-05, 3LP23-06, 3LP23-10, 3LP24-02, 3LP24-03, 3LP24-04, 3LP24-05, 3LP24-06, 3LP24-08, 3LP24-11, 3LP25-04, 3LP25-08, 3LP26-04, 3LP26-05, 3LP26-06, 3LP26-10, 3LP27-04, 3LP27-05, 3LP27-09, 3LP27-11, 3LP28-02, 3LP28-03, 3LP28-04, 3LP28-05, 3LP28-06, 3LP28-08, 3LP28-09, 3LP28-10, 3LP28-12, 3LP29-02, 3LP29-04, 3LP29-05, 3LP29-07, 3LP29-09, 3LP29-10, 3LP29-11, 3LP30-02, 3LP30-03, 3LP30-07, 3LP30-08, 3LP30-09, 3LP30-10, 3LP30-11, 3LP30-12, 3LP30-13, 3LP30-14, 3LP30-15, 3LP30-16, 3LP30-17, 3LP30-18, 3LP30-19, 3LP30-20, 3LP30-21, 3LP30-22, 3LP30-23, 3LP31-13, 3LP33-04, 3LP34-06, 3LP34-07, 3LP34-10, 3LP34-11, 3LP34-14, 3LP34-15, 3LP34-17, 3LP34-19, 3LP34-20, 3LP34-21, 3LP35-03, 3LP35-06, 3LP35-12, 3LP35-14, 3LP35-15, 3LP35-16, 3LP36-05, 3LP36-11, 3LP36-12, 3LP36-13, 3LP36-14, 3LP36-15, 3SL02-08, 3SL03-05, 3SL03-06, 3SL03-07, 3SL03-09, 3SL04-03, 3SL04-04, 3SL04-05, 3SL04-06, 3SL04-07, 3SL04-09, 3SL05-08, 3SL05-09, 3SL06-04, 3SL07-03, 3SL07-04, 3SL07-07, 3SL08-05


Identify and demonstrate gradual tempos, dynamics, and articulations.

3LP01-11, 3LP03-11, 3LP06-05, 3LP06-11, 3LP10-11, 3LP12-11, 3LP12-12, 3LP14-05, 3LP16-02, 3LP16-03, 3LP16-04, 3LP16-05, 3LP16-06, 3LP16-08, 3LP16-09, 3LP16-10, 3LP16-11, 3LP16-12, 3LP16-13, 3LP17-02, 3LP17-03, 3LP17-04, 3LP17-05, 3LP17-07, 3LP17-08, 3LP17-09, 3LP18-02, 3LP18-03, 3LP18-04, 3LP18-05, 3LP18-08, 3LP18-09, 3LP18-10, 3LP18-11, 3LP21-06, 3LP22-11, 3LP25-04, 3LP25-05, 3LP25-09, 3LP25-10, 3LP26-02, 3LP26-03, 3LP26-05, 3LP26-06, 3LP26-11, 3LP27-02, 3LP27-03, 3LP27-05, 3LP27-07, 3LP28-02, 3LP30-03, 3LP30-04, 3LP34-12, 3LP34-13, 3LP34-18, 3LP34-19, 3LP35-03, 3LP35-11, 3LP35-13, 3LP36-10, 3LP36-12, 3SL05-09, 3SL09-07, 3SL09-10


Identify and demonstrate advanced form, meter, and timbre elements.

3LP01-02, 3LP01-08, 3LP01-09, 3LP01-11, 3LP01-12, 3LP02-02, 3LP02-03, 3LP02-04, 3LP02-05, 3LP02-06, 3LP02-08, 3LP02-09, 3LP02-11, 3LP03-08, 3LP04-03, 3LP04-04, 3LP04-05, 3LP04-06, 3LP04-07, 3LP04-09, 3LP04-12, 3LP05-06, 3LP05-09, 3LP06-02, 3LP06-08, 3LP07-03, 3LP07-12, 3LP11-03, 3LP11-05, 3LP11-07, 3LP11-08, 3LP11-12, 3LP12-04, 3LP12-05, 3LP12-10, 3LP12-11, 3LP12-12, 3LP13-10, 3LP15-11, 3LP18-10, 3LP19-02, 3LP19-03, 3LP19-05, 3LP19-07, 3LP19-09, 3LP19-10, 3LP19-11, 3LP22-07, 3LP22-10, 3LP23-02, 3LP25-05, 3LP27-02, 3LP27-10, 3LP27-11, 3LP28-04, 3LP28-11, 3LP31-03, 3LP31-06, 3LP31-15, 3LP32-02, 3LP32-04, 3LP32-05, 3LP32-06, 3LP32-08, 3LP32-09, 3LP32-10, 3LP32-11, 3LP33-02, 3LP33-03, 3LP33-04, 3LP33-06, 3LP33-07, 3LP34-02, 3LP34-03, 3LP34-09, 3LP34-14, 3LP34-22, 3LP34-23, 3LP35-08, 3LP36-07, 3LP36-10, 3LP36-19, 3SL01-02, 3SL01-03, 3SL01-04, 3SL01-05, 3SL01-07, 3SL02-02, 3SL02-03, 3SL02-04, 3SL02-05, 3SL02-06, 3SL02-07, 3SL02-08, 3SL02-09, 3SL07-06, 3SL08-05, 3SL08-07, 3SL08-09, 3SL09-02, 3SL09-03, 3SL09-06, 3SL09-07, 3SL09-08, 3SL09-09, 3SL09-10, 3SL09-12

Standard 4. Aesthetic Valuation of Music


Select and use specific criteria in making judgments about the quality of a musical performance.

3LP01-05, 3LP03-02, 3LP03-10, 3LP04-04, 3LP04-10, 3LP04-12, 3LP05-09, 3LP06-05, 3LP07-12, 3LP08-07, 3LP10-03, 3LP10-04, 3LP10-06, 3LP10-07, 3LP10-08, 3LP10-09, 3LP10-10, 3LP10-11, 3LP11-02, 3LP11-03, 3LP11-05, 3LP11-06, 3LP11-11, 3LP11-12, 3LP12-02, 3LP12-03, 3LP12-04, 3LP12-05, 3LP12-06, 3LP12-08, 3LP12-09, 3LP12-10, 3LP12-11, 3LP12-12, 3LP16-11, 3LP16-12, 3LP17-02, 3LP18-05, 3LP18-11, 3LP18-12, 3LP22-03, 3LP22-06, 3LP22-09, 3LP22-14, 3LP23-02, 3LP23-08, 3LP23-09, 3LP25-05, 3LP26-03, 3LP26-09, 3LP26-09, 3LP27-10, 3LP28-05, 3LP28-06, 3LP28-12, 3LP30-04, 3LP30-06, 3LP31-04, 3LP31-05, 3LP31-09, 3LP31-10, 3LP31-11, 3LP31-12, 3LP31-13, 3LP31-14, 3LP32-05, 3LP34-08, 3LP34-09, 3LP34-16, 3LP34-20, 3LP34-24, 3LP35-03, 3SL01-02, 3SL05-03, 3SL06-02, 3SL06-04, 3SL06-05, 3SL07-03, 3SL07-04, 3SL09-04, 3SL09-06, 3SL09-07, 3SL09-10


Identify differences and commonalities in music from various cultures.

3LP01-02, 3LP01-04, 3LP01-05, 3LP02-03, 3LP02-05, 3LP03-10, 3LP04-03, 3LP04-04, 3LP04-05, 3LP04-06, 3LP04-07, 3LP04-09, 3LP04-10, 3LP04-11, 3LP04-12, 3LP05-02, 3LP06-09, 3LP07-12, 3LP08-04, 3LP08-05, 3LP08-07, 3LP09-02, 3LP09-04, 3LP09-10, 3LP10-03, 3LP10-04, 3LP10-06, 3LP10-08, 3LP10-09, 3LP10-11, 3LP11-03, 3LP11-04, 3LP11-07, 3LP11-10, 3LP11-11, 3LP12-02, 3LP12-03, 3LP12-04, 3LP12-08, 3LP12-09, 3LP12-10, 3LP13-10, 3LP14-03, 3LP14-10, 3LP18-06, 3LP20-07, 3LP20-09, 3LP22-03, 3LP22-06, 3LP22-07, 3LP22-09, 3LP22-14, 3LP23-02, 3LP23-03, 3LP23-08, 3LP23-09, 3LP24-08, 3LP25-10, 3LP28-12, 3LP29-12, 3LP31-05, 3LP31-10, 3LP31-11, 3LP31-12, 3LP31-14, 3LP32-12, 3LP33-09, 3LP34-08, 3LP34-08, 3LP34-09, 3LP34-16, 3LP35-17, 3LP35-18, 3LP36-16, 3LP36-17, 3SL01-06, 3SL08-02, 3SL08-03, 3SL08-04, 3SL08-08

Standard 1. Expression of Music


Perform sections of songs that demonstrate learned rhythmic, melodic, and introductory chordal accompaniment components.

4LP01-05, 4LP01-07, 4LP01-08, 4LP02-04, 4LP02-05, 4LP02-06, 4LP03-03, 4LP03-05, 4LP03-06, 4LP03-09, 4LP03-10, 4LP03-11, 4LP03-12, 4LP04-03, 4LP04-04, 4LP04-06, 4LP04-07, 4LP04-12, 4LP04-15, 4LP04-16, 4LP05-03, 4LP05-04, 4LP05-08, 4LP05-09, 4LP05-11, 4LP06-02, 4LP06-03, 4LP06-04, 4LP06-05, 4LP06-10, 4LP07-02, 4LP07-03, 4LP07-05, 4LP07-06, 4LP07-09, 4LP08-05, 4LP08-08, 4LP09-02, 4LP09-03, 4LP09-05, 4LP09-08, 4LP09-10, 4LP10-02, 4LP10-04, 4LP10-09, 4LP10-10, 4LP11-02, 4LP11-06, 4LP11-07, 4LP12-02, 4LP12-04, 4LP13-05, 4LP13-06, 4LP13-07, 4LP13-08, 4LP13-12, 4LP14-03, 4LP14-04, 4LP14-05, 4LP14-06, 4LP14-07, 4LP14-12, 4LP15-08, 4LP16-02, 4LP16-09, 4LP17-02, 4LP17-05, 4LP18-03, 4LP18-09, 4LP20-02, 4LP20-07, 4LP21-02, 4LP21-06, 4LP22-05, 4LP22-09, 4LP23-02, 4LP23-04, 4LP23-05, 4LP24-02, 4LP24-04, 4LP24-05, 4LP24-09, 4LP25-03, 4LP26-03, 4LP26-06, 4LP26-10, 4LP27-07, 4LP27-10, 4LP28-02, 4LP28-04, 4LP28-09, 4LP29-12, 4LP30-02, 4LP30-09, 4LP31-11, 4LP31-12, 4LP33-07, 4LP34-03, 4LP34-05, 4LP34-07, 4LP34-09, 4LP34-11, 4LP34-13, 4LP34-21, 4LP34-23, 4LP35-02, 4LP35-13, 4LP35-14, 4LP36-05, 4LP38-09, 4LP39-09, 4LP42-06, 4SL01-03, 4SL01-05, 4SL02-04, 4SL02-08, 4SL03-04, 4SL03-05, 4SL03-06, 4SL03-07, 4SL04-02, 4SL04-03, 4SL04-05, 4SL04-06, 4SL05-03, 4SL05-06, 4SL06-03, 4SL06-04, 4SL06-05, 4SL06-08, 4SL06-09, 4SL07-07, 4SL07-08, 4SL07-10


Perform complex notated songs with accurate pitch, rhythm, tone, harmony and expressive elements.

4LP01-02, 4LP01-05, 4LP01-09, 4LP02-08, 4LP02-09, 4LP03-03, 4LP03-05, 4LP03-06, 4LP04-08, 4LP04-16, 4LP05-02, 4LP05-05, 4LP05-06, 4LP06-04, 4LP06-09, 4LP07-09, 4LP08-08, 4LP09-03, 4LP10-02, 4LP10-11, 4LP12-04, 4LP12-05, 4LP12-08, 4LP14-03, 4LP14-04, 4LP14-09, 4LP14-10, 4LP14-11, 4LP15-02, 4LP15-07, 4LP16-03, 4LP16-04, 4LP16-10, 4LP17-02, 4LP17-04, 4LP17-08, 4LP18-02, 4LP18-03, 4LP18-05, 4LP18-10, 4LP19-02, 4LP21-06, 4LP22-09, 4LP23-05, 4LP23-10, 4LP24-02, 4LP24-04, 4LP24-05, 4LP24-08, 4LP26-05, 4LP27-11, 4LP31-02, 4LP31-04, 4LP32-02, 4LP32-03, 4LP32-05, 4LP32-09, 4LP32-10, 4LP33-03, 4LP33-03, 4LP34-11, 4LP34-13, 4LP35-02, 4LP35-05, 4LP35-06, 4LP35-07, 4LP35-08, 4LP35-09, 4LP35-10, 4LP35-11, 4LP35-12, 4LP35-13, 4LP35-14, 4LP36-04, 4LP36-05, 4LP36-06, 4LP36-07, 4LP36-08, 4LP36-09, 4LP36-10, 4LP36-11, 4LP36-12, 4LP36-13, 4LP36-14, 4LP38-05, 4LP42-06, 4SL01-02, 4SL01-04, 4SL01-07, 4SL02-03, 4SL02-05, 4SL02-07, 4SL03-03, 4SL03-08, 4SL04-07, 4SL04-08, 4SL05-03, 4SL05-04, 4SL05-05, 4SL05-08, 4SL07-04, 4SL07-08, 4SL07-09


Apply teacher and peer critique and self-reflection to refine individual and ensemble technique and performance of notated songs.

4LP01-04, 4LP04-04, 4LP04-13, 4LP06-08, 4LP10-11, 4LP11-07, 4LP14-03, 4LP14-09, 4LP14-11, 4LP15-02, 4LP15-06, 4LP15-07, 4LP18-10, 4LP21-03, 4LP21-04, 4LP23-04, 4LP24-02, 4LP24-05, 4LP24-08, 4LP27-13, 4LP31-08, 4LP32-05, 4LP32-09, 4LP33-08, 4LP35-05, 4LP35-06, 4LP35-07, 4LP35-08, 4LP35-09, 4LP35-10, 4LP35-11, 4LP35-12, 4LP35-13, 4LP35-14, 4LP35-15, 4LP41-08, 4LP42-05, 4SL02-07, 4SL03-09, 4SL04-02, 4SL04-07, 4SL04-08, 4SL05-03, 4SL05-05, 4SL05-07, 4SL06-04, 4SL06-08, 4SL06-09, 4SL07-09, 4SL07-11

Standard 3. Theory of Music


Identify and demonstrate extended notated melodic, rhythmic, and harmonic patterns within the treble staff.

4LP01-07, 4LP01-08, 4LP01-11, 4LP01-12, 4LP02-04, 4LP02-05, 4LP02-06, 4LP03-03, 4LP03-04, 4LP03-08, 4LP03-09, 4LP03-10, 4LP03-11, 4LP03-12, 4LP04-05, 4LP04-06, 4LP04-07, 4LP04-10, 4LP05-04, 4LP05-05, 4LP05-06, 4LP05-07, 4LP05-08, 4LP05-09, 4LP06-04, 4LP06-10, 4LP06-11, 4LP07-02, 4LP07-03, 4LP07-04, 4LP07-05, 4LP07-06, 4LP07-08, 4LP07-09, 4LP07-10, 4LP07-12, 4LP08-02, 4LP08-03, 4LP08-04, 4LP08-05, 4LP09-02, 4LP09-03, 4LP09-05, 4LP09-07, 4LP09-09, 4LP09-10, 4LP10-02, 4LP10-03, 4LP10-04, 4LP10-05, 4LP10-07, 4LP10-09, 4LP11-02, 4LP11-03, 4LP11-06, 4LP11-07, 4LP11-09, 4LP11-12, 4LP12-02, 4LP12-03, 4LP12-04, 4LP12-05, 4LP12-07, 4LP12-08, 4LP12-09, 4LP13-02, 4LP13-03, 4LP13-04, 4LP13-05, 4LP13-06, 4LP13-07, 4LP13-08, 4LP13-10, 4LP13-11, 4LP13-13, 4LP14-04, 4LP14-05, 4LP14-07, 4LP14-11, 4LP15-02, 4LP15-03, 4LP15-05, 4LP15-08, 4LP15-09, 4LP21-03, 4LP21-06, 4LP21-11, 4LP21-13, 4LP22-02, 4LP22-03, 4LP22-04, 4LP22-05, 4LP22-07, 4LP22-08, 4LP22-09, 4LP22-10, 4LP22-11, 4LP23-03, 4LP23-05, 4LP23-07, 4LP23-08, 4LP23-09, 4LP23-10, 4LP23-11, 4LP23-12, 4LP24-03, 4LP24-04, 4LP24-07, 4LP24-09, 4LP24-11, 4LP27-07, 4LP27-10, 4LP28-08, 4LP28-09, 4LP29-09, 4LP29-10, 4LP29-11, 4LP30-02, 4LP30-05, 4LP30-06, 4LP31-02, 4LP31-12, 4LP34-03, 4LP34-05, 4LP34-07, 4LP34-09, 4LP34-11, 4LP34-13, 4LP34-17, 4LP35-03, 4LP35-05, 4LP35-06, 4LP35-08, 4LP35-09, 4LP35-11, 4LP35-12, 4LP36-04, 4LP36-07, 4LP36-08, 4LP36-10, 4LP36-11, 4LP38-05, 4LP38-09, 4LP39-09, 4SL01-04, 4SL02-06, 4SL03-02, 4SL03-03, 4SL03-04, 4SL03-05, 4SL03-06, 4SL03-07, 4SL03-09, 4SL04-03, 4SL04-04, 4SL04-05, 4SL04-06, 4SL04-08, 4SL07-08, 4SL07-09, 4SL07-10, 4SL07-12


Identify and demonstrate subtle differences in tempos, dynamics, and articulations.

4LP01-11, 4LP02-08, 4LP12-09, 4LP13-04, 4LP16-03, 4LP16-04, 4LP16-05, 4LP16-07, 4LP16-08, 4LP16-09, 4LP16-10, 4LP17-03, 4LP17-04, 4LP17-07, 4LP17-08, 4LP17-09, 4LP17-11, 4LP18-02,